Ashish & Victoria Chaudhary, San Bruno

“For as long as i can remember, i have heard how buying a house was such a nightmare, you seem to be looking for months never finding the right house or the right price and then you hear the horror stories about the loan applications,inflated mortgages and more. Frankly buying our first house was a walk in the park for us thanks to Heman and his team. We spend exactly two weekends looking at only a handful of houses that Heman had shortlisted for us based on our requirements (price, location, type of house, school district, etc.) we saw 6 houses before we put an offer in (our one and only offer – yes only one) and today we are the proud owners of that same house. We cant thank New Cal reality enough specially Heman, Saurabh & Athena for their help and guidance throughout the home buying process. The team at New Cal is very knowledgable and worked with us to understand what we were looking for, they went into great details to understand the type of house we were looking for, down to the color even. A week after we first signed the paperwork with them, they set up our first viewings and each house was almost what we had been envisioning. After each house we saw the agent made notes of what was missing and refined his search to find us a house closer to our tastes. Finally after just 6 houses , the agent found us the house we really loved. I was amazed how easy the agent had made it for us to find the house we always wanted. Once we spoke to the agent and confirmed that this is the house we want he went to work and like a well oiled machinery, Heman, Saurabh and Athena finished all our paperwork for our loan, the offer and all the other closing paperwork in record time. In 15 days the deal was closed. I still cant believe how easy New Cal reality made it for us. At no time did i feel unsure about anything , these guys provided such great guidance that i knew exactly what i was getting into what the costs were, what the offer should be to ensure we close on the deal. I mean in every aspect these guys outdid themselves. Today when someone mentions how hard it is to buy a house i have a guilty smile knowing that i probably put only 20 percent of the effort compared to others. Sometimes i think i got really lucky that i got New Cal Reality as my real estate agents, they made it so simple & uncomplicated that buying our first home was easier than buying the car parked on my driveway.Thank you to all of you who helped us and i hope that you will keep up this awesome work ethics and help many more get thru this house buying maze. Thank you!! Thank you!!”